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Offers list

It's time to chose the program you want to work with. Go to the offers section (1) and check available offers for you (2):

Let's choose the  offer #235 Broadband Compare NZ. Press the button "Get link" or the offer title:

Offer details & link to share

Now you can find all information about this offer:


  1. General information, description
  2. Creatives
  3. The tracking link section. Use this link to promote the merchant.

Check SubAccounts how-to page if you want to use different traffic sources (or want to tag traffic in any way).

If you want to share specific page on the merchants web-site (or redirect to any other page) you can use Deeplinks - check Deeplinks how-to page.

Restrictions & payment details

  1. Traffic sources restrictions section
  2. Geo and paid actions with rates
  3. Conversion rates (EPC, CR, + processing time, limits)

Available landing pages

  1. Landing pages list
  2. Postback section

The tracking link (3) is all you need to start generating traffic and earning commission according payout goals (5). Also, don't forget about creatives (2).


Clicking on the >> Creatives link will expand the creative section and showcase all available creative types.  Simply choose the creative you wish to use - download and save or use our hosted link.


  1. Creative preview
  2. Creative dimensions
  3. Creative size
  4. Download link
  5. Download all creatives as zip archive

OK, now you have the tracking link (and the creatives). You are ready to earn the commissions - just publish it!

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