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You will often want to link to a specific product or page on a merchant or advertiser website.  Using the S.L.I.C.E Platform this is quick and simple.

Beneath the Tracking Link header you will see the 'Deeplink' tab (1) - click on this tab and an additional field will appear (2)

Paste the required deeplink into the deeplink field (2) - the URL MUST have the same core domain as the program you are promoting - in the below example - or else the link will not work.  

Once you have pasted the deeplink into the field - as shown below in (3) the tracking link will update with an extended '&path=' added to your unique tracking link (4).

Copy the updated unique tracking link (4) and use as required to deeplink where you wish onto the advertiser website.

ALWAYS check your deeplink is working correctly by pasting into a new tab to check the redirect is linking to the correct page or product on the advertiser site.

That's it!

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