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  1. Go to our web-site:

  2. Click the link "Become a Publisher" on the top right corner:

  3. You can fill in your login details if you are registered already (1) or you can click the link "Sign up" (2) and register, or you can "Recover your password" (3) if you are registered already but lost your password.

  4. The registration process is very easy: enter your email (1), chose your password  (2), enter your address (3), select your type (4), read and tick T&C's (5), and press the registration button (6):

  5. Then go to your inbox, check the email, and confirm it (1):

  6. Now go to the "Sign In" page (1) and Log In using your email and password from the previous steps:

  7. Congratulations! Now you are an affiliate in our Network:
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